Getting ready for SEA

The first quarter of 2017 I’ll be working nomadic from Singapore (10 days), Thailand (30 days) and Vietnam (15 days). Is not the first time I do this, the last year I did Thailand, Vietnam and Japan for a total of 6 months, but last year I was freelancing (10-20 hours weekly) and this time I’m a full-timer (40h+ a week), so is going to be interesting to compare the both experiences.

Some events I’ll attend:
– 13th February: Talk at Singapore WC about WooCommerce.
– 18th February: WordCamp Bangkok – Talk on how to become a web developer using WordPress.

Personal projects to develop during the Q1:
– Better understanding of JavaScript, React and Redux.
– Regular contributions to WordPress Core.
– Blog more regularly.

Command line for dummies – domains

Using the dig command:

$ dig


“` 271 IN A 271 IN A


Returns the A record/IP address where the domain is pointing at.

 dig NS 


“` 108002 IN NS 108002 IN NS 108002 IN NS


Returns the name servers where the domain is pointing at.

Other examples:

$ dig MX
$ dig ANY

Example of checking a .blog domain using whois command:

$ whois -h